Wokół – case study

1. Overview

During our journey through studies, professional work and startups we dived into students science clubs. We found that many of them are using traditional mediums: Facebook, blogs and even Twitter which in Poland isn’t as popular as in the USA.

But still, many of clubs managers weren’t satisfied with popularity and connections, especially with professionals. We wanted to solve this problem as we believe in creative, hard-working and willing to create value people – scientific clubs members! In five iterations we created fully featured social media and now are waiting for a new academic year and professional connections!

2. Context and challenge

The challenge we had in mind was to help students scientific clubs grow their social and professional network. The problems they are facing are acquiring new members and promoting events they organize.

We wanted to solve it with a pretty obvious solution: put these organizations, people, meetings and science publications to web.

Our goal then was to simply create Facebook for science clubs.

3. Process

We use lean startup methodology of building products, so we work with scrum sprint which consists of 4 phases

  1. specifying backlog – list of features to implement in the sprint
  2. planning work
  3. building features
  4. shipping extended product

After each sprint we talk with our client/audience about implemented features and consult real product, what allows us to precisely adjust next features.

The same goes for Wokol: we started with MVP – Minimum Viable Product: just list of students clubs on particular school. This product didn’t really turned out to be viable 😛 But it gave us feedback: clubs DID registered and we had visitors!

That pushed us to next iteration where we added features like newses and events for clubs. We released it and gained more feedback: people liked it and DID added posts!

Next idea: connect people even more – add real-time chat! And redesign the page…

4. Solution




Transfering club from reality to virtual reality requires great onboarding. To provide smooth entry we created 5 steps to get clubs profile from ‚just joined’ to ‚club hero’!




Let everyone know what happened at your club!


Live notifications ticker lets you know who liked or commented on activity of your club.



Easely invite friends from your club to join the portal…


… and talk with them through real-time chat.



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