1. Overview

With simple map application and fanpage we gained over 1200 downloads and more than 14 000 people in organic reach. Simple solution to real problem and lean, iterative approach let us minimize effort needed and maximize effect.

2. Context and challenge

More than 25,000 students learn at WULS campus. Every day they want to reach different places at huge and beautiful campus: departments, cantinas, offices and clubs.How to navigate in the jungle of over 50 points? With mobile app obviously!

3. Process

As always we started with the simple and quick app in technology we were best at this time: Windows Phone (Windows Phone is second most popular mobile OS in Poland with a share of 20% and, among young and students, reaches 50%).The app featured map of the university campus with marked places as well as search functionality which allowed to quickly find institutions inside buildings.App quickly gained popularity thanks to the fanpage Kampus SGGW. People quickly liked the page and number of likes exceeded number of downloads and reaching 600 fans. Questions like ‚Where is Android version?’, ‚What about iOS?’ were our every-day reality, so we created them!Soon, we were asked by restaurants owners about adding their commercial points to the map.

4. Solution

The solution consists of 3 native mobile apps: Windows Phone, Android and iOS and .NET API, which serves data about places.


Windows Phone


5. Results

3 platforms | 1200 downloads | +758 likes

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