1. Overview

Three things: chatbots, hackathon and team resulted in a Wizbot – chatbot to engage new employees in company.

2. Context and challenge

To be honest we did it for fun and to explore new interface – chatbots. We like to take part in hackathons (24 hours marathons of programming). This time we had to develop a solution to problem which companies are facing and we chose onboarding new employee.

3. Process

We started with analyzing what are some problems new employees face when starting new job in a big company. It turned out that almost each of us started new job this times and some problems we had were:

  • no colleagues
  • lack of knowledge about the office
  • no knowledge about nearby shops, restaurants and clubs

We translated this problems into adventures with challenges…

4. Solution

… and created a guide, Wizbot, which, almost like Gandalf, engages, leads and rewards a new employee for finishing next tasks like finding new cantina or going out with new colleagues for a beer! In version we created during the hackathon Wizbot was able to guide employees through 9 challenges. Obviously, without assist from the human and for the unlimited number of people using apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger, Mail simultaneously.

Team: Mateusz Chodkowski, Darek Pham, Ignacy Wilczyński, Marta Kołbuk

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