1. Overview

Social network for business with anonimity, real-time chat and notifications in one month? Done!

2. Context and challenge

Close deadline and startup-like character of a project required from us unique approach. We needed to ship neat solution, working like modern web-app and control complexity. All while caring about requirements, being able to cooperate with client closely and quickly react to changes.

3. Process

We started with app base taken from another project. This saved us from writing all the boring stuff and go straight to the main mechanisms. It also gave us tested in real life code and solutions, so we knew it was bullet proof.Basic layout didn’t distracted us during development phase and it allowed client and us to have a fresh look while starting polishing UI.

4. Solution

With requirements given: short deadline and being reactive to changes we decided to use MeteorJS. This framework unites front-end and back-end and provides effects like reactivity out of the box. These solutions allowed us to work only on core logic and be sure that all users will use modern looking app. One cool thing MeteorJS offers is easy creation of Android and iOS hybrid app – usually it takes just some adjustments and packages building. That always leaves our client with option for expanding his app reach.

Team: Ignacy Wilczyński

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